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    我喜欢小鸭子作文|我喜欢小鸭子 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-07 19:10编辑:佚名阅读(

      我家养了三只小鸭子,一只是黑色的牵牛花的作文,一只是花白色,还有一只是白色,走起路来摇摇摆摆,真像过去的大地主。My family has three ducklings, one is black, one is white, and the other is white. They walk like big landlords in the past.我喜欢小鸭子,它在水里游泳真像小汽艇,你追我赶,玩得高兴的时候嘎嘎嘎不停的唱歌,人们都说小鸭子是游泳健将。I like ducklings. It\s like a small motorboat swimming in the water. You chase me. When you\re happy, you can\t stop singing. People say that ducklings are good swimmers.我喜欢小鸭子,它不但是游泳健将,而且还是大画家,你看下雪天,地上铺满了雪花,像一张大白纸,那三只鸭子在那雪花上画上一排排枫叶,给我留下了美好的印象。I like ducklings. They are not only good swimmers, but also great painters. Look at the snowy days, the ground is covered with snowflakes, like a piece of white paper. The three ducks painted rows of maple leaves on the snowflakes, leaving a good impression on me.我爱美丽的小鸭子牵牛花的作文,因为小鸭子会跑,会游泳,会唱歌,还会画画小学作文牵牛花的作文,我希望它一直和我在一起,千万不能吃掉它们。I love beautiful ducklings, because ducklings can run, swim, sing and draw. I hope they stay with me all the time and
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