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    《丑女无敌》观后感作文|《丑女无敌》观后感 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-02 19:11编辑:佚名阅读(

      最近我喜欢看一部电视剧,名字叫《丑女无敌》,它讲的故事是:一个女孩叫林无敌,她长得很丑,但是很聪明。由于相貌长得丑,曾经去十几家公司应聘,都被以各种理由拒绝了。可是她不放弃,不气馁,终于有一天,她得到了一份工作,她很珍惜这个机会。在以后的工作中,认真的做好每一件事。别人都笑话她长得丑,可是她一点都她不生气。当她在工作中遇到了很多的挫折和困难时。她也常常握紧拳头读你作文,鼓励自己要坚持下去,不能放弃。渐渐的,她变得非常有自信,工作效率也很高,能力也很强读你作文,很快初中作文,她得到了领导的器重和同事的认可。Recently, I like watching a TV play called ugly invincible. It tells the story of a girl named Lin invincible. She is ugly, but she is smart. Because of his ugly appearance, he once applied to more than a dozen companies and was rejected for various reasons. But she did not give up, not discouraged, finally one day, she got a job, she cherish this opportunity. In the future work, do everything well. She was laughed at for being ugly, but she was not angry at all. When she encountered many setbacks and difficulties in her work. She also often clenched her fist and encouraged herself to stick to it and not give up. Gradually, she became very confident, efficient and capable. Soon, she was valued by the leaders and recognized by her colleagues.通过这个故事,使我懂得了人不可貌相,海水不可斗量”的道理。首先,要对自己有信心,不向困难低头;其次,要有宽阔的胸怀,懂得谦让和宽容;最后,做什么事都要坚持到底,不能半途而废。从现在开始读你作文,我们要用知识和成绩来武装自己,充实自己的头脑,充分利用好自己的时间,努力的学习更多的知识。让我们以更多的知识和优异的成绩取得更多人的喜欢。Through this story, I learned the truth that "a man can\t look, and the sea can\t be measured". First of all, we should have confidence in ourselves and not bow to difficulties; second, we should have a broad mind and understand humility and tolerance; finally, we should stick to the end of everything and not give up halfway. From now on, we should arm ourselves with knowledge and achievements, enrich our minds, make full use of our time, and strive to learn more knowledge. Let\s get more people\s likes with more knowledge and excellent results.《丑女无敌》这部电视剧深深的教育了我,我喜欢这部电视剧。Ugly woman invincible this TV play deeply educated me, I like this TV play
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