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    文艺表演作文|文艺表演 英语作文

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      今天脚印作文,我们要举行表演,我非常的紧张,因为老师说:每个人都要表演。”可以表演画画、猜谜语、讲故事、唱歌、跳舞、讲笑话。Today, we are going to have a performance. I am very nervous because the teacher said, "everyone has to perform." It can perform painting, riddle guessing, story telling, singing, dancing and telling jokes.我准备要猜谜语。但是脚印作文,我的胆子不够大,所以我才没上去,有好多个人都上去了,只有几个人没上去初中作文脚印作文,我也是其中一个。我准备要上去了,可是被人给先上去了,等他讲完了,我想上去,可是,已经下课了。I\m going to answer the riddle. However, I\m not brave enough, so I didn\t go up. There are many people who have gone up. Only a few people haven\t, and I\m one of them. I\m going to go up, but I\m going up first. When he\s finished, I want to go up, but it\s over.今天,我失去了表演的机会,我很后悔。Today, I lost the chance to perform. I
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